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For Authors

“If you read good books, when you write, good books will come out of you.” — Natalie Goldberg

So you wrote a book!

We are thrilled for you! It’s no small feat to write an entire book and publish it. Great job!

A Novel Escape is committed to promoting local authors and books about Western North Carolina, Appalachia and the South. While we wish we could carry every book that is presented to us, we must be very selective of the books we carry. We carry only high-quality books that are well written and produced and of interest to our customers. We will make every effort to examine your book and evaluate its potential for selling in our store as soon as possible. Please be aware, however, that we usually have a large number of books to consider, and there is simply not time to review them all within a short period.

To submit a book for sales consideration, carefully review the program details below, complete the application and submit it to the store with a copy of your book.  Incomplete applications submitted without a physical copy of the book will not be considered. 

Program Details

Please see below for our standards and guidelines for books to be considered in our inventory, and make sure your book fits all the criteria before contacting us.

  • Books must be professionally edited and designed.
  • Books must have the title and author on the spine.
  • It should be appropriate for our store; i.e., it should not be in a genre that we do not stock or promote.
  • Pricing must align with comparable titles. For example, we likely will not take an adult fiction paperback book that retails for more than $19, as that is generally the highest price for comparable titles.
  • We do not accept books published by CreateSpace, a division of

If you believe your book fits the above criteria, you may contact us using this submission form.

We take self-published or self-promoted books only on a consignment basis. We do not pay shipping for consignment titles. If we accept your book, we will pay you 60% of the retail price for any copies that we sell. We usually review the status of consignment titles 2 or 3 times a year. If a title has not sold well we request the author pick up unsold copies at that time. Copies that are not picked up are donated to a charity of our choice.

If we stock your book, we ask that your promotional material directs customers to A Novel Escape for purchasing, and that your website directs orders to our store.

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