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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin

  1. Trade-In Process
  2. How Store Credit Works

Trade-In Process

Note: As of 5/1/23 we are no longer accepting audiobooks for trade-in.

We are happy to receive your gently used books, puzzles, DVD movies, and audiobooks on CD in exchange for store credit. We accept trade-ins daily, except during the first week of every month which is when we catch up on inventory.

Your items must fulfill the following requirements to be accepted:

1. Package your items properly

All books must be in a small box or bag you are willing to part with (we cannot return personal items). Write your name on the outside of the container.

2. Limit the number of items

We kindly ask that you limit the number of items for trade to 10 items or less per week. Our storage space and time is extremely limited, so we will have to enforce this rule.

3. Be patient

Depending on how busy the store is when you bring your items, we will try to take a quick look at them while you shop. You will be asked to take home anything we can’t use at that time. Trade-in credit is processed in the order items are received, which could take up to two weeks. Any books not accepted will be donated.

How Store Credit Works

Store credit is offered at 25% of the store price for items that are accepted.

Your store credit can be used to pay for a maximum of 50% of your purchase price, and you pay the remaining 50% plus tax. Store credit can be used for purchase of all used store merchandise. Credit can not be used for new items, special orders, or during clearance sales when noted.

Any remaining store credit will roll over, and it never expires.

Items must be clean, in very good condition, and free of mold and odor. Items are accepted based on current stock, condition, popularity, and demand.

(“Very good condition” = spine is not broken, cover/pages are not ripped, chewed, folded, or stained, book is not warped; if you wouldn’t buy it from a store, it will not pass our criteria.)

We do not accept:

  • hardcovers without dust jackets
  • ex-library books
  • encyclopedias
  • magazines
  • condensed / abridged versions
  • audiobooks (as of 5/1/23)

Items will be processed in the order they are received. Any items that are not accepted will be donated to local charities.

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